Aura 翡翠音响

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¥ 10.00 每个

  • AirPlay®

    在 Windows PC 上通过 AirPlay 将 iOS 设备、iPod、iPad、iPhone 或 iTunes 上的内容无线串流到您的扬声器或 AV 系统。

  • Bluetooth®

    借助 Bluetooth® 技术,随时随地无线聆听音乐。

  • DLNA®

    DLNA Certified® 设备支持连接、搜索并与其他 DLNA 设备通信,通过家用有线或无线网络可实现多种传输音乐方式。

  • Wi-Fi®

    Wi-Fi® 是一种允许产品无线串流音乐或连接到互联网的主流技术。

  • 3.5 MM 立体声输入

    通常,3.5mm 辅助输入可接入耳机输出端口以连接外部便携源。

  • 获奖


  •  应用程序Remote

    通过遥控应用控制整个系统及兼容的智能手机或平板电脑。 此外,这也是整理和播放移动设备和家庭网络中的音乐的完美之选。


• 明亮准确高音配合丰富强劲低音

• 定制立体声扩宽 DSP 音频技术

• 内置 Bluetooth® 功能无线串流音频

• 支持简便设定的Apple® AirPlay®

• 支持 Windows™ 和 Android® DLNA®

• 定制遥控应用带来简单人机体验

• 配备触摸式音量控制

    • 1 Harman Kardon AirPlay Aura home sound system
    • 1 AC adaptor
    • 1 Harman installation app
    • Quick-start guide

Features & benefits

6 mid- to high-range 1.5" transducers for accurate, Omni-directional sound and a 4.5" subwoofer for rich, powerful bass

Not only can the Harman Kardon Aura easily produce 360º, room-filling sound, its 6 high- and mid-range drivers join together with its 4.5" subwoofer to deliver a powerful, detailed soundstage which maintains absolute clarity from any angle in the room. Go ahead – connect, stream, turn it up. You won't believe what you're hearing.


Custom, stereo-widening DSP audio technology engineered for room-filling, full range sound

Providing a fully optimized acoustic system, Aura also offers the added customization of Harman stereo-widening DSP technology. This delivers a balanced sound with enhanced equalization and specialization to create a full and more realistic audio experience.


Built-in Bluetooth® feature streams audio from your Bluetooth® devices wirelessly

It couldn't get any easier to connect your various Bluetooth®-enabled devices than Aura's built-in Bluetooth® connectivity.


Built-in Apple AirPlay system with easy set-up for your Apple devices, and DLNA for Windows and Android

With built-in Wifi the Harman Kardon Aura connects to your home network via Apple AirPlay or DLNA. Just get your Aura set up on your network with the Harman Kardon Remote app and you can have full access to your lossless audio in any room from any device – wirelessly.


Customized Harman Kardon Remote app allows for easy set-up and added connectivity

Want easy set up? Want to control key features like stereo widening and volume? Do you want access to your music library even if it's not on your wireless device? Then the Harman Kardon Remote app is the solution to all your needs.


产品参数 & 用户手册

Audio Specifications
Type Home audio system
Power output2 x 15W + 1 x 30W
频率范围50Hz – 20kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio93dB
General Specifications
Dimensions (H x L x D)270 mm x 215 mm x 215 mm
净重(不包括线缆)2,4 Kg
Energy Specification
Power consumption in sleep modePower consumption in sleep mode: 4,2 Watts/Hour
NoteThe Harman Kardon AURA is intended to be used for streaming music via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. This product is designed to be instantly on and ready to play music at a moment's notice. The AURA is in compliance with the European Union energy legislation. It will enter into sleep mode (networked standby) after 10 minutes without operation, after which it can be re-activated via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.